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Welcome to theeastside.ca, a local real estate hub for Buyers and Sellers. My name is Paul McDonald, Senior Real Estate Sales Representative at Real Estate Homeward Brokerage. Since 2003 I’ve been helping people buy and sell real estate and have witnessed explosive growth in Toronto’s bustling housing market. Having facilitated many sales I have witnessed peoples lives change as the Toronto real estate market continues to defy the odds and their property values skyrocket. Not only did they find a place to call home, some have experienced their net worth increase by about 400%.

Did you know that Toronto is the 4th largest city in North America? It should come to no surprise that Toronto continues its upward trajectory, our economy is booming and major Corporations want to do business here. As you can see Toronto real estate is in demand. With limited supply, prices will continue to go up. Yes there will be interest rates causing fluctuation in the market but over the long term growth is inevitable.

After buying and selling real estate for almost 2 decades now I find myself doing a lot more business in the downtown lower east side neighbourhoods (not to mention I live down here). Although I still buy and sell the Toronto market and the suburbs, there is so much going on down here that I wanted to showcase it. There are complexities surrounding the future development of this part of the city in government policy and the public realm. As we struggle to increase density the city will have no choice but to expand and the east side is where it’s going to happen. With the clean up of the Portlands, the introduction of East Harbour, The Ontario Line, the naturalization of the Don River and all the other infrastructure improvements, I am excited to be a part of it all and want to share my experiences with you.

With passion and connections with fellow real estate entities, I am able to provide a service that is not only effective but one that promotes education, peace of mind and a local perspective in these great neighbourhoods. I look forward to sharing my knowledge whether it be through me or my Associates I’d like to pre-emptively (you’ll need to get used to this word) welcome you to the east side.


Paul McDonald, Sales Representative



Built on morals we want our clients and anyone who does business with us to be happy. With our decades of experience we know what we’re talking about and have witnessed market fluctuations, we realize there’s no perfect time to buy real estate. The real estate market is like the stock market, only it’s a tangible asset one that offers you shelter, quality of life, a place to raise your family, a place to be proud of…a home. Whether it’s a Condominium, house or a building project, we’ve got you covered.

While many Realtors put all the emphasis on themselves, shouldn’t they be thinking about the people they represent? After all if it wasn’t for their clients where would they be? When you work with our group we educate you and make you aware of what you’re buying. Most people already start with a game plan but is it sound? Do you know your neighbourhood of choice or are you interested in it based on a recommendation? Working with a local Realtor just makes sense because they live/work in these neighbourhoods, so you know what you’re buying and if you’re selling you'll have your biggest advocate in the business, doesn’t that sound great?


It’s hard to imagine but more than half of the skyscrapers in this city weren’t here just 10 years ago. As of 2016, we’re the 4th largest city in North America, with 2,731,571 core residents and 5,928,040 people in the Greater Toronto Area (2016 figures as per Wikipedia).We’re clearly growing faster than we can handle.

The neighbourhoods haven’t always been so robust and now there have been many new additions formed over the years on decommissioned land. With the amalgamation that took place effective January 1st, 1998 which dissolved the federation of Metropolitan Toronto and its constituent municipalities, it created the current "megacity" of Toronto. A lot of these new communities reside in Corktown, the Portlands, the east harbourfront and not to mention the ‘West Don Lands’. Along with the new developments, an older well known community that provides us a nice example of change is the Distillery District. Did you know the now ‘Distillery District’ previously owned by Gooderham and Worts (which at one point was the largest Whisky distillery in the world) sat vacant for easily over 30 years before it became a community? This is just one example of the changes taking place in the east part of Toronto. With all the new developments taking place we’re on top of it because we’re passionate about it. The changes that are taking place are without a doubt the most advanced in Canadian history.


Why work with us? Well, the question should be why not? Although we’re not historians it’s fun to watch this city grow and when you’re passionate about what you do the rest comes easy. Our roots are planted here, we love this city and we just so happen to sell real estate. Having witnessed the changes and staying on top of development trends we have an edge on the forever changing real estate market in the east side of Toronto. With a mutual goal in mind and many resources in the communities we represent, combined with decades of experience selling real estate I’m sure we’re more than fit for the job. If you want a Real Estate team that can offer you a deeper understanding of the local market, we’d love to hear from you.


steven cooke
steven cooke
13:25 06 Apr 20
Paul found us our house fifteen years ago, and he stuck with us even though we were not the easiest clients. He is intelligent, empathetic, honest and patient. All the traits you'd want in a real estate agent or anyone you'd rely on for an important life decision. We've stayed in touch with him and have happily referred friends to him. The only people who are regretful are those who chose another agent.
Jeremy Seto
Jeremy Seto
23:18 24 Feb 20
Paul guided me through my experience of being a first time homebuyer in an extremely hot Toronto market. He is remarkably hard working and never gave up on finding me the perfect condo. He always made sure we worked together as a team, navigating the highs and lows of the home buying experience. I can confidently say that the reason why I was able to purchase my current home was because of Paul.In Toronto, the name of the game is speed. On the day my condo was listed, he reached out to me immediately to schedule a showing. After viewing the condo, we drafted an offer that very evening which was promptly accepted by the buyer the next day. I've been extremely happy with my home ever since!.
John Lewis
John Lewis
16:07 23 Apr 18
My wife and I had a difficult time finding an agent that we felt that we could trust until we met Paul. He's an honest and hard-working person. In the end, Paul helped me and my wife sell our loft and upgrade to a home in Leslieville. He must have shown us 25 or so homes before we found one that suited us (and that we could afford). Over the years since we purchased our home, Paul and I have stayed in touch and Paul keeps us up to date on the local market.
Navid Shakibapour
Navid Shakibapour
03:24 12 Apr 18
My wife and I bought our fist house in the Leslieville neighbourhood and we were beyond happy to have Paul helping us in this process. We both are very picky people and it was very hard for us to make up our minds to choose a place that matches all our needs, specially, in Toronto’s fast paced and ever changing market. Paul is very knowledgeable on the current real estate market, Toronto’s different neighbourhoods and also, he has a lot of information on how to evaluate a property and what to look for when buying a house. He was extremely patient and supportive during the whole process that took more than a year. Even after buying the house he stayed in touch and helped us to fix a small issue in the backyard. What I personally loved about him is that he was very honest with us when giving his opinions. We both absolutely love our place and as the time passes by, we find even more reasons that we made a perfect choice. It was a real pleasure working with Paul and knowing him and I definitely recommend him to everyone.
Ilja Green
Ilja Green
23:53 11 Apr 18
After many months of searching for the right agent, we finally found one that was fair, honest and respectful of our wishes for our future home. We searched for a perfect home for our growing family in the downtown core and Paul showed us some real gems! His straight forward, no-nonsense approach to selecting suitable homes helped us find our new home in one of Torontos best neighbourhoods! Bottom line, Paul is a great agent and we could not be happier with his service.
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